Los Angeles After Midnight

Part I Breathing heavycold rain comingtrying to light a cigaretteas if it were the only thingto save me headlights come and gopass by on waves of godi have been here beforeand the message is no lessloud and clear inhale at the guardraillos angeles in the distancecoming for me––a million or more specks of lightdeparting fromContinue reading “Los Angeles After Midnight”

Seneca on being your own counsel

“No man can have a peaceful life who thinks too much about lengthening it, or believes that living through many consulships is a great blessing.” Seneca Source: Seneca (2014-10-23). Letters From A Stoic: Epistulae Morales AD Lucilium (Illustrated. Newly revised text. It shouldn’t be too hard to deduce that if we spend all of ourContinue reading “Seneca on being your own counsel”

The Wont and the Glow

What was real had long since been established, had long since been ravished by other worlds, concepts, ideas, by proud suits blazing trails, sharing thoughts perceived divine, suggesting no other way but to move, blind, through this reality with no other means but “mine.” Let daylight expose the soul anew, and in such light instillContinue reading “The Wont and the Glow”

On the Underrated Power of Communion

We often think that the things, the “stuff” of our lives, is what we need in order to be happy. And so, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by a daily routine which we have filled to the brim with the stuff of “productivity,” as if the quality of our lives depended on how muchContinue reading “On the Underrated Power of Communion”