The Flowing

If there is nothing between any two given bodies in space, then what is it that holds the two bodies apart? If there is nothing to separate me from you, then why should we ever live our lives as two? The emptiness that warrants the illusion of distance must not be real, therefore: Distance isContinue reading “The Flowing”

The Advocate and the Attendant

Attendant, you seek to exit this reality for one where nothing exists. In effect, you seek your own death, and now you’re angry with me for offering the very thing you cannot bring yourself to admit you want. If you want things to change, maybe first acknowledge this fact. Try being real with me now. More so, try being real with yourself. Why are you here?

Nirvana Recompense

Between the ones and zeros, lingering within a yellowing sort of cellophane haze, a whole number is born, expanding horizons, colliding, smashing into particles of thought, tells a story: between here and there exists a place, a certain locale – a state of mind, a kind of blind metaphor for peace, an abstraction of space,Continue reading “Nirvana Recompense”

Abbie on the Overpass

I walk to work and back every day, to North Seattle College. It’s a two-mile round-trip. Today, on my way home, as I approached the overpass at NE 92nd Street and I-5, I noticed someone there pacing back and forth. At first, I couldn’t tell whether the person was male or female. Soon enough IContinue reading “Abbie on the Overpass”

The Advocate and the Authority

Author’s note: This is the second dialogue of the Advocate Dialogues. The first, The Advocate and the Attendant, need not be read in order to follow this one, however, there are a few minor references to that particular piece. Setting: The near future. A typical office, in a typical office building, in a typical downtown, of any typicalContinue reading “The Advocate and the Authority”