Be not

good bad nor mediocre gay straight nor any other a liberal conservative nor moderate, brother sister wife husband mother be not labeled nor determined ever for, you are no thing you are nothing you are you, aren’t you?

The Advocate and the Authority

Author’s note: This is the second dialogue of the Advocate Dialogues. The first, The Advocate and the Attendant, need not be read in order to follow this one, however, there are a few minor references to that particular piece. Setting: The near future. A typical office, in a typical office building, in a typical downtown, of any typical… Read More


The Advocate and the Attendant

You have sought to exit this reality for one where no one and nothing exists. In effect, you have sought your own death, and now you are angry with me for offering the very thing you cannot bring yourself to admit to actually wanting? If you want things to change, you might ought to first own up to this fact. Try being real with me now. Tell me the truth! Read More