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Kierkegaard on seduction

“The person who is unable to seduce people, is not able to save them either.“ Søren Kierkegaard Source: The Quotable Kierkegaard edited by Gordon Marino, p.32. Appropriated from Kierkegaard’s Journals and Notebooks, Bruce H. Kirmmse, General Editor. Vols.1-6. Princeton University Press, 2007-12. Kierkegaard justifies seduction as a means to an end, if that end isContinue reading “Kierkegaard on seduction”

The Flowing

If there is nothing between any two given bodies in space,then what is it that holds the two bodies apart? If there is nothing to separate me from you,then why should we ever live our lives as two? The emptiness that warrants the illusion of distance must not be real, therefore: Distance is a dream,aContinue reading “The Flowing”


Dreams of my body sprouting wings of fire, comeon waves of sound, drifting between production and perception, leavingvacant trails of surface meaning, quiescingeternally, burning, maternal, she… dove.


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When I’m not helping others improve their English speaking or writing, I sometimes spend time crafting my own writing, art, and music. Enjoy!

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