Editing Sample – Résumé

The three clickable images below will open new browser tabs, each displaying a full-size pdf file representing one of the three stages of my résumé editing process for this particular client.

To protect my client’s anonymity, I have changed her name and contact information, some of her employment locations, and the titles of her publications.

My process was simply to first complete a copy edit of the client’s original draft, then, after approval of my edits, to reformat the résumé into a more visually effective and pleasing final version.

Original Draft
Unformatted, unedited original draft of the client’s résumé.

Click to open .pdf file

Editing Draft
Unformatted, edited draft of the client’s résumé showing my edits, comments, and queries as tracked changes in MicroSoft Word. The client was able to either accept or reject all of my edits in her own time.

Click to open .pdf file

Final Draft
Reformatted, cleaned version of the client’s résumé.

Click to open .pdf file

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