Da Xie, PE Research Adviser at Kinetic Capital – Seattle, Washington

I’ve been working with John on my English for months. John is a very passionate and professional English tutor. He is good at making conversation with his students, highly flexible with topics, and knows many ways of tutoring. Also, he is very sensitive to the small grammar, pronunciation, and English usage mistakes. The best thing… Read More

Jean-Philippe Eichinger, Engine Performance and Operability Engineer at Safran Engineering Services – Saclay, France

I was initially impressed with John Belmont’s enthusiasm, communication skills, and professional approach as a tutor. During more than six months, John has consistently demonstrated all the qualities needed to be an effective tutor and more. John is reliable, dedicated, and eternally upbeat—these characteristics help strengthen your pronunciation, raise your level of understanding of grammar,… Read More

Michelle, UK

An immense help. Thoughtful, patient, kind soul. He really gets it and has great prompting skills with solid suggestions. Made me feel very comfortable and cared for. Thank you!

Stephen Walcker, Seattle, WA

I have only known John for the past year, but he has the ability to make it seem like I have known him my whole life, which is a real talent.

Dave, therapist and pastor, Seattle, WA

I’ve known John for over three years. He has a gentle way of helping people see what they’re trying to avoid. He guides people to see the strengths they don’t know they have. He delights in inviting people to dream of living a different story, and walking alongside them as they take the sometimes unbearable risk of doing… Read More

Shogo, USA

Really helps me draw my own conclusions and is very supportive.

David, USA

This guy’s awesome! Top notch, understandable and gives you topics to think about once the conversation ends. I highly recommend speaking with him and not holding back. This guy’s for real, and great help!

Billie, owner of Blue Saucer Coffee, Seattle, WA

John has often made himself available to listen to me in a constructive manner. He is non-judgmental and has effective skills for encouraging brainstorming new ideas and approaches to many different situational problems for me when it comes to running a business and balancing my personal life and family issues.  On more than one occasion,… Read More