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Academic Editing

May 27, 2021

John provided me with top-notch edits on an article manuscript for an academic journal. Not only did he offer excellent feedback, but he also explained the logic and grammar underlying his suggested edits. I found that really helpful! He was careful to look up industry convention, and his responses were incredibly prompt. You should not hesitate to work with John!

Olivia H. | PhD Student, Human Development & Social Policy

Personal Statement Editing

January 13, 2023

When I started my personal statement for college, I was scattered and overwhelmed with the application process. However, after a few sessions with Mr. Belmont, my mind was put at ease. He helped organize my writing and gave me the guidance I needed to write a great personal statement. Because of his support, I regained my confidence and optimism in applying for graduate school. I am forever grateful!

Marcy Z. | Graduate School Candidate, Philosophy

July 12, 2022

I am impressed with John’s professionalism and personal communication, and I am satisfied with the quality he delivered. I enjoyed working with him and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.

Nancy S. | Medical School Applicant

July 10, 2022

John was very easy to talk to and had great ideas. When I first came to him with my essay it needed a lot of changes, but John made fixing it an easy process. He came to the first lesson with ideas that I had never thought of before, and in the end helped me create an essay that I am proud to submit in my college applications.

Jasmine S. | Undergraduate College Applicant

January 5, 2021

I utilized John Belmont’s editing service for my college application essay. He was very strategic and direct in remotely coaching me through my writing process (due to COVID-19). All of our meetings took place virtually over Zoom and we communicated via email. He was always prompt in his responses and made a conscious effort to accommodate my schedule. This made the whole process more straightforward and left no room for confusion. Before our first meeting, he read over my writing, made initial comments, and marked any glaring grammatical corrections. We discussed this during our Zoom, and I was able to go back and make those changes given this advice. I sent the revised essay back, and he marked the smaller mistakes such as punctuation and spelling. We then had a final Zoom to discuss those changes and to clear up any additional questions I may have had. John was extremely crucial to the successful revision of my essay, and I am very glad that I chose him for this service. He clearly valued my perspective and protected my message throughout the revision process. I highly recommend his expertise if you are looking for similar guidance from a writing tutor and editor!

Sadie K. | Student, Running Start

January 17, 2018 

I asked John to copy edit and proofread my graduate school application essays. He was quick at responding and easy to work with. He genuinely wants to get to know his student and understands what they want for their essays. Because of this, he was able to edit my essay in a way that does not take away my voice. Highly recommend you work with John!! 

Lay Kuan L. | Graduate School Candidate

January 26, 2017

John really helped me focus my thoughts and my writing in my application for my master’s program. I was full of ideas, and he helped me rein them in instead of letting them run amok.

Gia P. | Graduate School Candidate

English as a Second Language (ESL) Editing

March 20, 2020

John has been helping my family to improve English writing since 2015. I believe that writing is a skill and an art, that anyone can develop over a time. Having an expert in the industry as a tutor or editor, that can provide unbiased authentic and respectful feedback and challenge at the same time, makes the process of learning more effective and engaging. John is that person! We worked with John on a wide range of projects, starting from reviewing/editing our essays and resumes to asking basic English language grammar questions. Through every project John maintains a high-quality bar, which eventually leads to excellent results and a feeling of accomplishment. Thank you, John! 

Marat G., IT Developer, Microsoft

October 24, 2019

As an English as a Second Language student, writing in English has always been challenging for me. I came across John’s profile more than a year ago. His extensive editing experience, knowledge of my native Russian language, and linguistic background caught my attention. He was able to explain “why,” in grammatical terms, and clearly articulate the comparison between the two languages. My ability to express my thoughts in writing improves after every review of my editor’s comments. In addition to the grammar suggestions, John makes every effort to help me with the logic and clarity of my work. He also provides incredible sources for my further writing and linguistic advancement. John’s assistance has exceeded my expectations and transformed me into a confident writer.

I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs help with grammar, editing, or logical coherence of any style of writing—John can do it all! He is an incredibly knowledgeable, patient, affirmative, and reliable educator.

Olga B. | Executive Assistant, Real Estate

Business Editing

January 16, 2020

John was timely, knowledgeable, and responsive. He gave great editing feedback for grammar, punctuation, and positioning, even offering great suggestions that enhanced the verbiage to make a more compelling statement. I would certainly suggest that everyone take a strong look at John when you are looking to hire a great editor for your project.

Daryll P. | Content Writer, Event Planning

Fiction Editing

June 8, 2017

John’s editorial work is fantastic. He made great suggestions, figured out the tracked changes feature for me, and asked really great questions. He did a great job of managing me through the entire process (not an easy task). He was able to set clear goals and keep me on track. I accepted almost all of his proposed changes and enjoyed the back and forth.

John’s written communications were well crafted, carefully thought out, and super helpful. In person, John is easy to get along with and great to work with. I highly value John’s work and I am looking forward to working with him again!

David Page | Author (fiction)

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