May 3, 2017

“I’ve been working with John on my English for months. John is a very passionate and professional English tutor. He is good at making conversation with his students, highly flexible with topics, and knows many ways of tutoring. Also, he is very sensitive to the small grammar, pronunciation, and English usage mistakes. The best thing I work with John is I feel like chatting with an American friend, not an English tutor!”

Da Xie, PE Research Adviser at Kinetic Capital – Seattle, Washington

April 28, 2017

“I was initially impressed with John Belmont’s enthusiasm, communication skills, and professional approach as a tutor. During more than six months, John has consistently demonstrated all the qualities needed to be an effective tutor and more.

John is reliable, dedicated, and eternally upbeat—these characteristics help strengthen your pronunciation, raise your level of understanding of grammar, and clarify your writing. He has a perfect grasp of the English language, and he has consistently met, or surpassed, all my expectations while always being very flexible with his time.

John is a hardworking and top-performing professional tutor. He has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information.”

Jean-Philippe Eichinger, Engine Performance and Operability Engineer at Safran Engineering Services – Saclay, France