The Flowing

If there is nothing between any two given bodies in space,
then what is it that holds the two bodies apart?

If there is nothing to separate me from you,
then why should we ever live our lives as two?

The emptiness that warrants the illusion of distance must not be real, therefore:

Distance is a dream,
a tool to keep us sane,
a surface structure built to sustain
an organic, earthly reality

some will nervously call it gravity
as if trying to destroy me
because clinging to science, for some,
seems to be a good remedy for fear

and because the idea that there is no amount of space between you and me—that we are all, indeed, somehow interconnected—is too much of a stretch for us in our current evolution to even begin to try to accept . . .
we will continue killing one another as if we weren’t killing ourselves

and below, the underlying—a true perfection
not, as of yet, for human eyes,
this flowing goes.

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