On Being Bombarded

I wish the calms before the storms would last a little longer. Who am I kidding? I wish such moments would last forever. Spending time in public, for me, has become a double-edged sword. I never know what I’m going to experience: one of those lovely calms I so cherish, or a storm––that feeling ofContinue reading “On Being Bombarded”

Quora: How does one go about discovering or defining purpose?

This question was originally posted here on Quora.com. How does one go about discovering or defining purpose? My response: That is definitely a tough question hence appropriate for this venue. I will start off by simply saying, regrettably maybe, I don’t know. How do you like that for honesty? Regardless, maybe some discussion can helpContinue reading “Quora: How does one go about discovering or defining purpose?”

On the Underrated Power of Communion

We often think that the things, the “stuff” of our lives, is what we need in order to be happy. And so, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by a daily routine which we have filled to the brim with the stuff of “productivity,” as if the quality of our lives depended on how muchContinue reading “On the Underrated Power of Communion”